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Where Mother Comes From

As the sun reaches for the noonday mark in the sky, you can see the fishing boats coming in on the lapping waves that playfully tussle the relatively flat sea. The anglers have made their catch. The women quickly separate the different species on the dock. They hustle for the market. However, not all the boats dock with fish.

As you stand on the wood-planked dock, beautiful, shining smiles look up at you. You are looking for extraordinary mother of pearl. In front of you, a woman sits with a bounty of shells along the benches of her boat. “Only the best,” she touts. You bend down to get a closer look as she starts hoisting the baskets to your feet. One by one, each shell is examined. The color, the iridescence, the thickness are all carefully scrutinized. Only sturdy shells from clean waters are acceptable. This is what makes the mother of pearl priceless. “The best is right,” you tell her. She smiles. You thank each other.

Perla Spoon collaborates with handpicked merchants who strive to deliver the best mother of pearl. Sustainable business for sustainable communities. Only superior quality graduates to the next stage of the process—creation.

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