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Based in San Francisco, Jean Claude Lair, owner and founder of Perla Spoon, is proud to deliver worldwide a various range of mother of pearl caviar and coffee spoons, plates and sets. Perla Spoon guarantees the best experience and services to our worldwide customers, thanks to our website PerlaSpoon.com and our Amazon Store ( rated 4,8/5 thanks to our customers).

Who is Jean Claude Lair?

Jean Claude Lair was born and raised on the shores of Normandy, France. Since he was a young man, his life has revolved around the sea with strong roots in entrepreneurship. He started his career traveling on a ship around the world taking in new cultures and absorbing the diversity at each port. He then found his land legs and settled. He opened a French worm business and later moved on to pursuing the hotel industry. However, Jean Claude has now made his way back to the sea. He currently spends his time bringing you original designs and beautifully crafted Perla Spoon products for all occasions.
Traveling with his wife back and forth from San Francisco and throughout South East Asia, he imports only the finest, handpicked mother of pearl and seashell products. Together they make sure that each shell brought to the carving floor is of the most pristine materials coming from clean, ocean waters. True brilliance in mother of pearl resembles bright sunrays meeting a hazy rainbow in the sky. This is what Jean Claude looks for. Integrity in business and life.

Why Perla Spoon is using mother of pearl for all its products?

Caviar gourmets traditionally use mother of pearl tools, spoons and sets to avoid oxidation and so not to alter the taste of delicate high quality caviars.
Caviar is known to be a delicate food and requires a non-reactive material in order prevent unwanted addition of flavor.
Mother of pearl is combining strength and delicacy in a single natural organic composite and we feel it is the perfect material to give the a finishing touch to your caviar degustations by keeping the taste and texture off any caviars.

How It’s Made!

Each mother of pearl seashell is handpicked and carefully examined to have the required thickness and clarity for Perla Spoon products. Once the shells are selected, they are returned to the carving house. Here, individual artisan carvers select shells one by one and begin the creation process. A new piece is born by gently whittling away the excess shell. One artisan can carve as many as forty products in one day or as little as four depending on the quality of the shell.
Both fresh water and salt water shells are used for Perla Spoon products. Fresh water shells are found in the rivers of South East Asia and the salt water in the oceans and seas. This is what determines the difference in prices. Ocean mother of pearl is more difficult to harvest and has a unique iridescent luster, which is highly prized. Fresh water shells are much creamier, softer, and have a uniform hue bringing a white elegance to the table.
All silver showcased on Perla Spoon products is 100% American grade. It comes directly from the United States, which means you can count on quality. It is Perla Spoon’s mission to bring you the best the world offers.

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